"So let me tell you..."

di Deja' Haley

There comes a time where a person gets fed up with holding all of their thoughts about life to themself. So let me tell you I have had enough and I'm ready to share my thoughts with the world! Each episode will be a different topic (i.e: love, friendship, family, self-reflection, etc.) and will ultimately consist of my views about life. In a simple way to put it, I JUST WANT TO TALK!

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  • A Little Taste Of Reflections At Home

    A Little Taste Of Reflections At Home

    Take a listen to me getting interviewed on my time in San Francisco thus far. My cousins in the background, the baby screaming, another cousin interjecting but this is what home feels like. Check out MIc'd Up w/ Monty on ig: @tmonty13

  • The Art of Detachment

    The Art of Detachment

    What happens when you detach yourself from certain places, things, and even people? How do you feel when you feel yourself detaching from certain things? Let's get into it, yuh! IG: @soletmetellyou_ Personal IG: @wherethehellmyphone Alexa play Phone by Lizzo*

  • Working On True Forgiveness

    Working On True Forgiveness

    Let's start to release the harm placed on in order to be kinder to ourselves and the people we share space with! Ig: @wherethehellmyphone Ig: @soletmetellyou_

  • Loving Yourself is Easy?

    Loving Yourself is Easy?

    No thoughts for this episode, just feelings!

  • I'm Back, Homies!

    I'm Back, Homies!

    There was a need for me to take a pause, but here I am getting SLMTY up and running!