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  • Shaun the Menace

    Shaun the Menace

    Real Sugar Fake Teeth. Baby Baaaaby.

  • Trailer Lyfe/ You Best Invest

    Trailer Lyfe/ You Best Invest

    Shaun is back baby, and living that trailer life! Remember.... you BEST INVEST

  • Four Foot Burritos

    Four Foot Burritos

    Shaun is Jon Conner leading the human resistance against the machines. Humankind is taking back one vagina at a time. Four foot burritos, and Fu**boy Scientists from Devry University Online,

  • Shaun got ALL the $cents

    Shaun got ALL the $cents

    Limon grass, French Vanilla.

  • YES Biggie

    YES Biggie

    Shaun talks future trips to Europe, writing his new script, dealing with dangers of dystopian technology. Shaun knows who left the bathroom like that (why he doesn't shake everyones hand) some people get the head nod and he keeps it movin.