Rivertales: A Riverdale Podcast

di Samuel Karie

Three friends gather to talk about Riverdale, but one of them doesn't watch the show. Listen to us dissect and discuss the latest episodes of the CW TV show.

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 4

  • 7.20 - “Welcome to the End”

    7.20 - “Welcome to the End”

    We recap Season 7, Episode 20 of Riverdale “Goodbye, Riverdale” in which we discuss the final of Riverdale! We get into the uncalley vanny, being young and beautiful, doing Reggie clean, the quad of it all, Jughead dropping death announcements, the return of Chic, the “art” exhibit, grandma acting, referencing Cats 2019, and our ranking of all of the Riverdale seasons! Thanks for listening!

  • 7.19 - “The Riverdale Fun”

    7.19 - “The Riverdale Fun”

    We recap Season 7, Episode 19 of Riverdale “The Golden Age of Television” in which we discuss having a threesome with your dad, bad innuendos, how Riverdale is a theme park, coincidentally having a screenplay for The Comet, Choni being the only endgame, breaking your brain saying #ManCrushMonday, and Jughead watching Cocomelon.

  • 7.18 - “Benjamin Boss Baby Button”

    7.18 - “Benjamin Boss Baby Button”

    We recap Season 7, Episode 18 of Riverdale “For a Better Tomorrow” in which we discuss how Archie loves knots, Ethel marrying Boss Baby, Jughead’s photoshoot with the palladium bomb, having Stranger Things vibes, candelabras coming in handy, Duck and Cover for homeschooled kids, and remember to Turn That Turtle Up!

  • 7.17 - “Never a Bongo”

    7.17 - “Never a Bongo”

    We recap Season 7, Episode 17 of Riverdale “A Different Kind of Cat” in which we discuss doing a boudoir photoshoot for your manifesto, Confessions of a Teenage Daughter of Teenage America, Betty being the original Fabio, contemplating if Riverdale has gotten trashier, the hallway scene repeats itself again, the town with hep, and a desire for the good old days of dance battles.

  • 7.16 - “Here We Are Again (x5)”

    7.16 - “Here We Are Again (x5)”

    We recap Season 7, Episode 16 of Riverdale “Stag” in which we discuss possibly the worst episode we’ve ever covered, try to decipher the “story” happening, life experience coming in many forms, being horny with your bro while watching the sunrise, and how watching Glee will turn you gay.