S.W.O.T: Episode 1 with Cameron Deggin & Alaattin Kılıç & Matthew Young & Christian Westermark | SWOT Analysis

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Turkey's economic potential, highlighting long-term investment, education, and marketing. Optimistic about a 2060 OECD report projecting Turkey as the fifth-largest economy.Timecodes:(00:00:00) Intro(00:06:14) Investment in Turkey(00:12:28) Economic and Cultural Factors(00:14:33) Emotional vs. Rational Investment(00:22:52) Local vs. Foreign Investment(00:29:06) Investment Focus and Strategy(00:47:48) Discussion on National Identity(00:51:58) Identifying Opportunities(01:00:17) Threats and Challenges(01:02:21) Future Prospects(01:06:31) Investment Perspective(01:12:45) Criticisms and Challenges(01:14:50) Future Aspirations(01:16:17) Outro
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