Night Moves: Exploration of Contemporary SexualityEsplicito

di Ann Hardee, Cay Crow, Ray Oneal

Night Moves is a weekly talk show about Sexual Health. What you need to know to be a sexually healthy individual. Current research presented that is informative, tasteful, and funny. Our host is Ann Hardee, RN, as a nurse talked to patients about sexual dysfunction. Our Co- Host is Cay Crow, Certified Sex Therapist and other Co Host is Ray, a regular guy, to balance things out. We answer sex questions on the air by emailing: ni ...   ...  Leggi dettagli

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  • Exploring Your Inner Kink

    Exploring Your Inner Kink

    Hosts discuss how to explore your inner kink. How to begin, types of kink to explore. Our guests are Kaos and Ritz Krackker, kinksters. They share their ideas on how to begin with kink, consent, and ways to try. We answer questions from our listenter's emails, how much to tell a new partner about your past sexual experiences, another wants to know if the "g-spot" is still popular and others.

  • Coming Out: Things to Consider


    Coming Out: Things to Consider


    Hosts discuss things to consider when coming out as LGBTQ. Cay, as a Sex Therapist, advises clients on when and how to come out. Hosts suggest things to consider when coming out including safety, the timing in choosing the right time and place, how to prepare for a negative reaction and when NOT to come out. Our guest is Amy Stone, PhD, Professor of Gender Studies. She shares her story in coming out. She shares the things that one should think about when they are ready to come out. The host answer listeners questions about nipple orgasms, what is pan sexual, and about anal orgasms.

  • Sexual Arousal From Music


    Sexual Arousal From Music


    Music has the power to take you to another time and place. It's certainly influences seduction. What does the research say about sexual arousal from music? Darwin said that music was part of natural selection. A music psychologist reported that half of the participants said that certain songs were more sexual arousing than the touch of their partner. Our guests are members of the band, " Slow Cooked". WE discuss the life of a musician, how they maintain relationships with the challenges of being away, and got their thoughts about sex and music. Then we answer questions from out listener's email....such as one thinks her breasts are getting bigger from masturbation? another wants to know why sex is so taboo in our society and many others?

  • Men's Sexual Health


    Men's Sexual Health


    Hosts discuss men's sexual health. When you see TV commercials with men casually discussing their erectile dysfunction, it's pure fiction. Most Men don't go to the doctor for checks , much less about sexual issues. Doctors also never inquire about a male patients sexual functioning because doctors get little eduction in sexuality. In a study of 6 million men with erectile dysfunction, only 25% were treated for ED. We share tips to get your man to the doctor. Our guest is Paul Nelson, a sexual medicine educator...the founder of website " Frank". Men can post their questions about erectile dysfunction and sexuality. Men from all over the world participate. There is a section for LGBT special sexual issues. The shares his thoughts on those " over the counter" from the gas station erectile medication/supplements. He makes an important point that "no one should suffer from a non- working body part, the penis" Then the hosts answer questions from our listeners emails.

  • Sex Education for Youth*

    Sex Education for Youth*