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Meeting on the Mound is an ongoing podcast series appreciating all things baseball; whether it’s on the field, in the history books, or on the big screen! Jake Reiner shares stories from his unique upbringing around the game and brings on his family, baseball experts, current and former players, and yes, even celebrities to bond over America's pastime.

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  • Episode 25: Bob Nightengale

    Episode 25: Bob Nightengale

    USA Today's national baseball writer Bob Nightengale joins Jake to talk pennant races, some potential rule changes in the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement, and whether he is a prophet or jinx on social media.

  • Jake's Takes: The MLB Trade Deadline

    Jake's Takes: The MLB Trade Deadline

    Jake breaks down the biggest storylines, the winners and losers of the trade deadline, and Jake's Jake of the week!

  • A Little Big League Episode!

    A Little Big League Episode!

    Jake is joined by Andy & Adam Scheinman, the director and writer of Little Big League! Hear behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the film and what it was like to work with future Hall of Fame ball players.

  • Jake's Takes: “The Foreign Substance Crackdown Episode”

    Jake's Takes: “The Foreign Substance Crackdown Episode”

    Jake tackles how MLB has rolled out its foreign substance crackdown policy, plus where sticky stuff ranks compared to the steroid-era and sign-stealing scandal.

  • Episode 21: Johnny McKeown

    Episode 21: Johnny McKeown

    Host of the All-American Brit podcast, Johnny McKeown, joins Jake to discuss falling in love with baseball in high school, the British perspective on America's past time, and if Premier League soccer rules work with MLB.