Geoff Kraft - Electric Guitarist

Local Voices (Miami) di LV TEAM - Simeon Dubois

Note sull'episodio

Geoff is.............livin in his own type of heaven. Born in New York CIty, he studied business at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, and went to work on Wall Street, before even the beginning of the internet. After 19 years, and remote work became possible, he moved down to Miami Beach, where he manages money for friends and family. Having met his star bass player, Jose de Jesus, in his younger days, Geoff enjoys playing with @lotuscollective and the drummers at South Pointe on Sundays, as well as playing with his cover band, The Mac.

Key SIMBA Takeaways:

Remember the 4 rungs of life each day:

Cleanliness - Godliness

Exercise - Touch the Skies

Prayer - Power

Tension - Release


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