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  • David Rolland - Freelance Writer

    David Rolland - Freelance Writer

    David is............A new best friend around the corner..............in with the Miami New Times and teaching us at LV about the value of A good mic check ;)................Born in Evanston, Illinois, he moved here when he was a baby to Key Biscayne, and went to FSU, where he first got paid to write. After graduating college, he moved to California and eventually made his way down to LA, where he lived in Hollywood for 8 years, learning screenwriting, and getting his break writing a script for "Finding Rin Tin Tin". Always someone who loved reading and telling stories, he wrote his first book at 16 years old, "A King's Tale", and has two published books most widely spread in Miami, the "End of the World" and "Yo-Yo". He moved back to Florida after meeting his wife here, while spending the holidays with family, and now they have a 9 year old and live in Miami Beach. After running into an old friend from high school, Liz Tracy, he got the opportunity to start writing stories for the local paper, Miami New Times, and now he enjoys being a music writer and getting to interview some of the nation's biggest stars when they come into town. Subscribe to the daily emails from the Miami New Times, and keep an eye out for David's writing, he likes to add a comical peanut butter touch.SIMBA Takeaways>> Enough Rates make a Game, learn to play with your Fortitude>> Learn about the Science of Flow, & the beauty of basketball>> Listen to Simba's challenge to stars to dedicate more of their new projects to causes>> Learn about the importance of budgeting and always keeping yourself open to talking to strangers>> The magic of the sharing economy, and how to live A truly LIGHT life @ SOTIMiami.com>>The importance of turning off your notifications, and subscribing to the right morning emails>> The SECRET scientific measure of Enlightenment (Warning - IT's a bit dirty ;))>> The power of prayer pleasure and the joy of downsizing your life @ SRF>> The power of turning your childhood thorn into your greatest strengthUntil next time,Namaste~Simba

  • Pete - Aspiring Yogi


    Pete - Aspiring Yogi


    Pete is..........done looking for enlightenment. He invited himself over for chili.Listen in for some great Adrenalism talk.Are you in the 1%, or even just consider yourself blessed,Consider why you don't give more of your growing gifts to charity,The Kingdom of Heaven, peaks at around 80k,More money, more problems,Wondering how to open your heart more...........In this episode you will learn,The best way to pray and Ohm down intentionsThe best way to soak up energy from the sunSIMBA's most important mantra >> "May WE Project only the most Positive of Possibilities" (Say IT fives times per day at least)Why you should start tithing (10%), sharing more consistently your wealthWhere you should share you generosity, if uncertainThe Four C's: Cleanliness, Control, Contribution, ConnectionThe pose no yoga teacher should be leaving outThe next most important charity for the future of our children: Magic School Bus Foundation (where half of profits from book all go)The Three Stages of Life: Words (Reading), Sacraments (Traveling), Charities (Committing)How you can start catching more syncs & miracles in your life (Book on my calendar >> SOTIMiami.com)How SIMBA wakes up and what sources he reads, to dedicate his workout, & prayerThe Power of setting up weekly Facetimes with your family circleA bunch of swagger at Lebron JamesNamaste ,~SIMBA

  • Geoff Kraft - Electric Guitarist

    Geoff Kraft - Electric Guitarist

    Geoff is.............livin in his own type of heaven. Born in New York CIty, he studied business at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, and went to work on Wall Street, before even the beginning of the internet. After 19 years, and remote work became possible, he moved down to Miami Beach, where he manages money for friends and family. Having met his star bass player, Jose de Jesus, in his younger days, Geoff enjoys playing with @lotuscollective and the drummers at South Pointe on Sundays, as well as playing with his cover band, The Mac.Key SIMBA Takeaways:Remember the 4 rungs of life each day:Cleanliness - GodlinessExercise - Touch the SkiesPrayer - PowerTension - Release~Simba

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  • Frankie Ruiz - Running Leader

    Frankie Ruiz - Running Leader

    Frankie is.........humbly making Miami a landmark running club city. Born in Coconut Grove, he remembers the first time his dad invited him out for a run, and the rest is history. Loving the feeling of independence and control that running provides, he did cross country in high school, and walked on to two years of track at FIU. After studying public relations as an undergrad, he ended up going for a Masters in Public Administration, realizing he had an affinity for local politics and government work. While working on his own small business, and as an intern for various elected officials, he one day landed himself in a room where the question was asked, Why Miami no longer had its own marathon...........(there use to exist an Orange Bowl Marathon). At the ripe young age of 21, Frankie stepped up to the plate and helped launch the first edition of the Miami Marathon in 2003. Producing races ever since he was a teenager, he was uniquely situated to overcome the red tape and political buy-in required, resulting in an event that has helped bring over 200 million dollars of revenue to South Florida. Since getting bought out by fitness giant, Lifetime, Frankie has been focused on growing the Baptist Health - Nike run clubs, which now total 8 different locations and host thousands of social runners each week, in addition to recently being named Miami's Chief Wellness Officer by Mayor Francis Suarez. Check out one of the run clubs near you by visiting www.runclubnetwork.com, and follow Frankie on IG @frankieruiz. All paces are welcome.

  • Tiffany Levy - Yoga Queen

    Tiffany Levy - Yoga Queen

    Tiff is...........the Queen of Miami Yoga........she just wants............to dance with Jlo. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Born in Durham, North Carolina, she moved down to Florida to work for Sprint as soon as she graduated Meredith College, going back to Duke to get a degree in MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from their integrative medicine department. Starting her yoga path during undergrad, she realized she fully loved it later in life, when she was going through some traumas, getting hit by a car on her bike, breakups, and losing her mom. Turning to yoga helped her create her own Utopia, where everything happens for a reason. When Synergy Yoga school owner, Victoria Brunacci, challenged her to grow in her practice and do her first 200 hour training, she answered the call, and followed up with her 300 and 500 hour trainings. Now fully running some of Miami's most creative yoga events, whether that be 4:20 Space Yoga on Saturdays, or weekly Immersive Beyond Monet yoga, or Full Moon Moxy yoga, or even weekly volunteering at the Global Empowerment Mission, Tiffany is living her calling and even has her own website, https://www.tifftopia.com/, where you can review her different events and retreats, like the one she does in Morocco. Follow her on IG @tifftopia, come by to some of her events, and if you're listening Jlo.........