Living Dharma with Devin Maroney

di Devin Maroney

Devin currently practices and teaches Insight meditation for the purpose of realizing an unshakable peace and helping others to do the same. Devin began his study of the dhamma in 2011 and has been sharing it since the beginning. He serves as an affiliate teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington. Devin makes a living as a social worker in the Washington, DC area providing clinical therapy. These talks are  ... 

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  • Welcome to the Teachings of the Buddha

    Welcome to the Teachings of the Buddha

    An overview of the "why" of the spiritual path. Please note that I incorrectly stated that there are 3 Nikayas, when, in fact, there are 5. Also, Sri Lanka and Laos also have large populations that practice Theravada Buddhism, in addition to Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.