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di Ishaan Chadha

"Ish Can Dish" covers a wide range of basketball topics by exploring backstories of teams and players, NBA rookies, Eastern and Western Conference powerhouses as well as exploring how different aspects of society can be impacted by the game. Ever since I was in elementary school, I always had a fascination with sports, especially basketball. I always admired the pace of the game, the athletes and how the analytics of the gam ... 

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  • The NBA: An Ever Changing Landscape

    The NBA: An Ever Changing Landscape

    For the last segment of October, I'm joined by co-hosts of the "Chop Shop" Nick Steiert and Johnny Grimes, to break down the matchups from week 1 of the NBA season. If you want to hear some hot takes and elevate your chop, do yourself a favor and tune in.

  • A Script Worth Reading

    A Script Worth Reading

    After a minor hiatus from the podcasting game, Ish is back on the mic with Quint Leale to discuss the juiciest storyline surrounding the 2023-2024 NBA season. Long story short, its a season worth tuning in to.

  • A Tale of Underdog Stories

    A Tale of Underdog Stories

    Today on Ish Can Dish, I welcome in basketball aficionado Quint Leale to discuss the NBA Conference Semifinals. First, we discuss the magnitude behind the Lakers vs. Warriors series and the effect it can have on the legacies of Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Then, I decide to switch gears to discuss Jimmy Butler's greatness and how he's played an integral role in potentially propelling the 8th-seeded Miami Heat to an Eastern Conference Finals appearance. Next, Quint and I address the heated series brewing in the Northeast between the Sixers and Boston, and we each give our opinion on the importance of x-factors in order to come out on top and advance to the next round. Finally, we finish off this segment to discuss the Suns vs. Nuggets Series and how both teams are worthy of representing the west in the finals.

  • A New Age

    A New Age

    We're in the midst of the 2022 NBA playoffs and this has arguably been one of the best postseasons of the last decade. Quint and I discuss the Nets future, the legitimacy of Golden State, Philly's woes, and we finish off the show discussing our NBA finals predictions

  • The Post-All Star Perspective

    The Post-All Star Perspective

    During this segment of the pod, Quint and I discuss the All-Star weekend shenanigans , NBA 75 list, the Simmons for Harden blockbuster deal and our playoff predictions.