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Join Quinn, Conner, and Seth as we talk about the biggest news in sports every week. GPS Sports is your up-to-date and always current guide to the game!

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  • Stagione 2

  • S2E4 - GPS, minus the Sports

    S2E4 - GPS, minus the Sports

    In this unprecedented time for sports, we give our raw reactions to the outbreak of COVID-19. At around the 15-minute mark, we received an email telling us our university was moving classes online for the rest of the semester. Make sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid catching and transmitting the virus. Please check the CDC website for information on the coronavirus and how to stay safe.

  • S2E3 - All Stars and Idiots

    S2E3 - All Stars and Idiots

    In this week's episode, we talk about the All-Star games and what makes them special. We also talk more about the implications of the Astros scandal on sports as a whole.

  • S2E2 - The Houston Asterisks

    S2E2 - The Houston Asterisks

    This week, we recap all of the latest news regarding the MLB cheating scandal, including MLB Network's interview with AJ Hinch and the press conference held on Thursday. We also talk about the NBA and what to expect coming out of the All-Star break.

  • S2E1 - Super Bowl Sunday

    S2E1 - Super Bowl Sunday

    GPS Sports is back and better than ever. This week, we break down Super Bowl LIV and what it means for the NFL going forward. We also talk about the impact that Kobe Bryant left on ourselves and an entire generation of sports fans.

  • Season 1 - Episode 10

    Season 1 - Episode 10

    It's the last episode of the decade, so join us as we take a look back on the moments that made the 2010's. If nothing else, give our ending monologue a listen, its worth the time!