Episode 172: The Evolution of FI Loyalty

DCA Commerce Code di Digital Commerce Alliance

Note sull'episodio

This week on Commerce Code, we speak with Avery Miller from RBC and Shawn Conahan from Wildfire Systems about the evolution of FI loyalty and rewards programs. Avery is VP of Avion Rewards Shopping and Digital Product at RBC. RBC is one of the world's leading FIs, headquartered in Toronto; they serve 17 million clients in Canada, the U.S. and 27 other countries. Shawn is the Chief Revenue Officer at Wildfire Systems, which provides white-label shopping rewards and cashback platforms to leading companies like Microsoft, Visa, Citi - and of course RBC.


We are talking about:

  • The challenges FI loyalty programs face
  • How consumers experience FI loyalty programs - and how their preferences are driving change
  • RBC's response to those challenges and changing preferences
  • What's next for the sector as the ... 
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