Crest Podcast Ep59 - Christmas Special featuring RHINO

Crest Surfcast di Tom Anderson

Note sull'episodio

Who in Wales doesn't miss the Rhines? Of course, it was only a matter of time before Crest and Welsh Surfing legend James Rhino Thomas appeared on our bandwidth again - and this time it's from New Zealand, his new place of abode. Following a late arrival, as Rob had to finish his Cricket Club's AGM first, he and Tom ask Rhines about all the important things; how is the surf, what's the weather like, was John-John Florence really that good in real life? This is a great tale of ongoing adventure, and we're stoked to hear that the family's new set-up is going well. What better way to put together a Christmas episode than by talking to someone who's right in the best days of their summer? (Information about how to emigrate appears at the end of the show...)

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