Evacuation Collaboration Improves Safety in Oak Creek Valley - Episode 8

Benton County Public Podcast - Episode 9 di Benton County Public Podcast

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The Benton County Commissioners hosted a recognition and tour for a new wildfire evacuation route in the Oak Creek Valley at the Kalapuya Building in Corvallis on Jan. 24 to thank partners and highlight a successful collaboration that could save lives.

The inspired partnership has addressed a critical public safety concern in the Oak Creek area of northwest Corvallis. Oak Creek, surrounded by dense woodlands, faces a heightened risk of wildfires. Compounding the danger was the fact that its 1,300 residents and visitors relied on a solitary entrance and exit point, Oak Creek Drive, leaving them vulnerable in the event of a wildfire.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Bryan Lee, Benton County Emergency Manager, said he and others were concerned for the safety of Oak Creek residents. That concern led to a successful and important  ... 

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