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  • Temporada 1

  • Angel or Stalker

    Angel or Stalker

    This story I'm about to tell in a gossipy like voice is how Ryan's story comes about in the book and how she becomes an angel. True story about seeing the same person over and over again throughout my life.

  • Plant Mama

    Plant Mama

    Updates on my current series and randomly picking up the hobby of gardening and plants and realizing how obsessed I've become, and how it relates to writing. Just excited to finally be done with my novel!

  • The Morning After

    The Morning After

    The very next morning after finding the pocket fillers in the story. An idea comes through that I may or may not execute correctly in the story. Indie author of urban fiction documenting the wild, unpredictable creative journey of writing and publishing novels.

  • Pockets & Fillers

    Pockets & Fillers

    Late at night. I decided to ramble on about reading the story from the very beginning and trying to figure out what's missing. Find the pockets or chapters that aren't needed. Figure out the sequence of Charmed and realize the characters are working for me but the order of the story itself is not.

  • 3 Way Writers Call featuring Literary Rejects

    3 Way Writers Call featuring Literary Rejects

    On the phone interviewing authors Shantae & Genesis Woods of Literary Rejects Pt. 1. Getting inside the head of writers and asking the basic questions before going off the rails and just enjoying the conversation.