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  • Temporada 2

  • Fayola & Cara (Girlfriend Episode)

    Fayola & Cara (Girlfriend Episode)

    This is the second part of our relationships podcast featuring Fayola's girlfriend, Cara Decker! Fay and Cara dive deep into their relationship in many aspects. They really focus on the benefits of differences in personalities and how to overcome criticism towards their relationship.

  • Megan & David (Girlfriend Episode)

    Megan & David (Girlfriend Episode)

    This episode features David's girlfriend, Megan Nelson. David and Megan have been dating for 3 years. Fayola asks them questions about their faith, their challenges, and how they continue to grow daily.

  • "Listen" to our GIVEAWAY

    "Listen" to our GIVEAWAY

    On this episode, we announce our giveaway winner!! We also give a few thoughts on the importance of listening. Also, stay tuned for an update for future podcast episodes! Enjoy!

  • Walk On Water

    Walk On Water

    When somebody hears, "Walk on water," we immediately think of Peter in the Bible, right? David and Fayola talk about how they have used this phrase in their everyday life. They encourage listeners to have the faith in everyday life to believe what you're asking for. In other words, to "walk on water."

  • The Story Of The Power of 2

    The Story Of The Power of 2

    David and Fayola talk about their journey as friends and how it has lead to the creation of "The Power of 2." They talk about fun and memorable moments but they also talk about the difficult ones along the way. This episode is deep and personal so enjoy!