Episode 9: The Plague of "Burn It Down" Partisanship with Princeton professor Julian Zelizer

The Plague por L. M. Bogad

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Our current President and his party seem to be more interested in slandering their political opponents, propagating conspiracy theories, and fomenting division and distraction in our society, than in organizing a coherent response to the pandemic, the economic crisis, and other urgent problems that a competent and responsible government would address.

Have our politics always operated this way? Is this "burn it down" partisanship the same on all sides? Is this just the way the "rough and tumble" of political conflict usually works?

Our guest on this episode, Dr. Julian E. Zelizer, History professor at Princeton University and CNN commentator, refers to his new book, "Burning Down The House: Newt Gingrich, the Fall of a Speaker, and the Rise of the New Republican Party," to explain that this destructive tren ... 

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