The Fascinating World of Fungi with Lacey Roberts

por Lacey Roberts

Come with me and let’s explore the world beneath our feet. Through a lens of these seemingly small organisms, we will gain an understanding of how they have helped shape our world through the ages. We will explore the interconnectivity through topics of Dinosaurs, Zombies & Space; Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms; Medicinal Properties & Uses; Innovation & Technology; and The Wood Wide Web. All for the purpose of stewardship and c ...   ...  Leer más

Episodios del podcast

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  • The Basics & The Wood Wide Web

    The Basics & The Wood Wide Web

    In this episode, we'll discover some of the more basic terminology surrounding the morphology of a mushroom, talk about what a "mushroom" actually is, and imagine the vast interconnectivity that exists just below our feet. Intro/Outro credit to the artist Komiku and their song "xenobiological forest"

  • Introduction


    In this pre-episode I explain a little bit more about myself, the inspiration behind this project and give thanks to all those involved.

  • Coming Soon!


    Coming Soon!


    The Fascinating World of Fungi with Lacey Roberts podcast will launch on February 22nd, 2021