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The Bread N Butter Show is here to inspire you to chase your dreams no matter the obstacles you face…and you will face obstacles. I am your host, Jarren Dozier, and I’ll be having real conversations diving deep into who/what inspires me, sharing real stories of rising up and meeting the challenges we all face daily hopefully motivating you to do the same. Taking massive action to achieve your life goals can come with feelings ...   ...  Leer más

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  • Its A Test

    Its A Test

    We are always being tested in life and it can be the make or break it point at any given time. Don't back down from the challenge. Believe in yourself and watch how that faith creates opportunity.

  • Learn From Failure

    Learn From Failure

    We all tend to think life is supposed to go right all the time and we all know that isn't the case.. When you are faced with an obstacle and you can't figure it out right away don't give up on yourself. It takes for us to do something wrong to learn the right way to do it. Learn from your failures because there is a lesson behind every challenge.

  • Struggle Builds Character

    Struggle Builds Character

    Struggle comes with trials and errors. Your greatest failure in life will be giving up on yourself. Winners win and losers lose you are in control of your own destiny. Embrace the struggle because it builds character in the end.

  • Greatness


    Greatness is facing adversity with a smile because of optimism. Many seek greatness but fail to capitalize on opportunities. Life is full of obstacles but the greats don't use them as excuses instead we thrive when faced with a challenges.

  • Obligated


    When you set a goal for your self you must follow through and execute. It should be an obligation to not only set a goal but to achieve the goal as well. The only way to fail is to give in to failure. Make it an obligation to succeed.