The Ned Natter Show Episode #100 “Reflection, Winners, A Century, & Roadblocks”

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This week on the Ned Natter Show from Florida, we’ve had an entertaining week indeed - well put it this way it’s show number 100 – yep, I’ve finally reached a century – added to that the Goggle Earth satellite’s picked up the wife’s image, yep, from space and me farmhand - well there’s only one way to put it - yep, he stinks - added to that, we’ve finally had some winners and that’s a rare thing around here - anyway I’m sure you’re just going to love me always perpendicularly packed show – more so when we take a look at those other crazy regular features you’ll only hear – that’s right here on the Ned Natter Show!

Yessiree – If the Creek Don’t Rise, we’ll be here next week!

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