“It’s a Straight Ghost, Right?”: Queer Ghost Hunting with Liam Gallagher

Speaking Queerly por Kaleidoscope Youth Center

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On this episode of Speaking Queerly, Lane, Daria and Mallory sit down with Liam Gallagher (he/they). In a past life, Liam – KYC’s director of center-based programming – spent time exploring queer history and connecting with queer spirits alongside other members of a queer ghost hunting group in Ohio. In this episode, Liam explains the lore behind the “particular friends” in an Ohio convent, details their spookiest encounter with a queer spirit and highlights the importance of queer friendships between members of all generations – even the deceased.You can watch episodes of the Queer Ghost Hunters here: https://www.youtube.com/@QueerGhostHunters.Have a question you want answered or a topic you’d like discussed on Speaking Queerly? Send an email to  ...  Leer más
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