Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 1

  • T01 E04 - Milking It

    T01 E04 - Milking ItExplícito

    Frank and Jos return from hiatus to discuss their favorite Ernest movie to date, Ernest Scared Stupid! Dancing with trolls, cop-a-ganda, and an evergreen eyeroll at those the Eggs Erroneous goons.

  • T01 E03 - Good Bad Driver

    T01 E03 - Good Bad DriverExplícito

    Frank and Jos introduce a new segment, tackle Ernest Saves Christmas, and finally address those pesky Eggs Erroneous goons.

  • T01 E02 - Some Kind Of Magic Boy

    T01 E02 - Some Kind Of Magic BoyExplícito

    SXSW is cancelled so Frank and Jos throw their own film festival in the desert, eating 'funky gummies' and watching Ernest Goes to Camp. Frank is struck by Ernest's dark history as a Vietnam vet, Jos explores the balance between ...

  • T01 E01 - The Fisheye Man

    T01 E01 - The Fisheye ManExplícito

    Frank relives fond movie memories as Jos shares her trepidation and excitement to go in cold to the Ernest-verse.