The Nightsisters Podcast

por Madison Fairchild

A Star Wars Podcast dedicated to uplifting and highlighting the women that make the Star Wars fandom great. Weekly interviews by Madison Fairchild.

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 2

  • Rebel Rising-Nightsisters Book Club

    Rebel Rising-Nightsisters Book Club

    Join me and Meg Dowell as we discuss Rebel Rising for the first episode of Nightsisters Book Club!

  • SWCA Recap

    SWCA Recap

    Join me and Jackson as we discuss our experience at SWCA

  • SW PRIDE with Pink Milk!

    SW PRIDE with Pink Milk!

    Join me as I interview Bryan and Chase from Pink Milk about their experiences as queer fans!

  • Qi’ra Day

    Qi’ra Day

    join me and Olivia as we discuss Qi’ra!!!

  • Interview with Jedi Emma

    Interview with Jedi Emma

    Join me as I interview Emma (aka Jedi.Emma) about creating content on Tik Tok, Joining the Star Wars fandom, and cosplaying!