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Join host Hannah Park as she engages in a captivating conversation with Dr. Katia Fredriksen, Ph.D., and Dr. Yael Rothman, Ph.D., pediatric neuropsychologists and authors of the insightful book, "Different Thinkers: ADHD."

In this episode, explore the diverse world of ADHD, gaining practical advice for managing symptoms and understanding what it means to be a different thinker. The conversation unfolds with essential insights into ADHD diagnosis, the importance of understanding it, gender disparities, caregiver support, celebrating differences, and considerations about overdiagnosis.

Discover actionable steps to empower children with ADHD, celebrate neurodiversity, and foster inclusivity. Don't miss this enriching dialogue that transcends diagnosis and encourages embracing unique perspectives. ūü߆ūüí¨ #DifferentThinkersADHD #Neurodiversi¬†...¬†

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