They'll Be Fine


“She’s smart and things come easy for her. Why would she need additional services? She’ll be fine!” Sound Familiar? Time and time again we hear “they’ll be fine, they’re smart, they’re already ahead of the game” when people refer to gifted learners. Because of this sad misconception, too many students fail to reach their potential because they do not receive appropriately challenging curriculum and services. The National As ...   ...  Leer más

Episodios del podcast

  • 2024 Conference Vendors

    2024 Conference Vendors

    The NCAGT 2024 conference was filled with exciting vendors from all over. From Lego Education to the PBL Project, attendees were exposed to so many valuable resources and we want to share those with all of you! Listen to hear a snippet from some of the vendors including the PBL Project, Odyssey of the Mind, Cambridge Assessment, Riverside Insights, Lego Education, Renzulli, and Diffy-Q.

  • Engaging Teacher Strategies: Trinette Atri

    Engaging Teacher Strategies: Trinette Atri

    Today’s interview is with Trinette Atri, a 19-year veteran National Board Certified AIG Teacher at Providence Spring Elementary in Charlotte, NC. She served as an AIG Specialist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for many years. She is the Program Director of the Spectrum of the Arts (a summer program designed to meet students who are gifted in visual art, drama, dance, music, and creative writing). During this episode, she shares several engaging strategies that she has used in her own classroom over the years. Get ready to jot down some ideas, because this episode is full of some good ones!

  • Nurturing a Psychologically Safe Space with Silverquicken CEO Chris Ryan

    Nurturing a Psychologically Safe Space with Silverquicken CEO Chris Ryan

    Welcome to an inspiring episode of our podcast, where we sit down with Chris Ryan, the CEO and co-founder of Silverquicken. Join us as we delve into a captivating conversation about the importance of cultivating psychologically safe environments for learning, fostering creativity, and embracing teamwork. Chris shares invaluable insights gleaned from his experience, emphasizing the profound impact of creating spaces where individuals feel safe to explore, innovate, and grow. From practical strategies for nurturing creativity to the transformative power of collaborative teamwork, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge for educators, leaders, and learners alike. Tune in as we uncover the secrets to unlocking potential, igniting imagination, and building resilient communities that thrive on trust, creativity, and collaboration. Get ready to be inspired as we embark on a journey toward creating environments where everyone can flourish.

  • Empowering the Gifted: With PAGE (Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education)

    Empowering the Gifted: With PAGE (Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education)

    In this insightful episode of NCAGT’s podcast, we delve into the heart of advocating for gifted education with guests PAGE (Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education) representatives from across the state. They share their experiences from the front lines and discuss the importance of partnerships and community in enriching the lives of gifted students. From navigating post-COVID challenges to launching innovative programs like Super Saturday, our speakers encapsulate the spirit of PAGE's mission. They also touch upon the critical role of parents and teachers in fostering an environment that recognizes and nurtures the potential of gifted children. This discussion not only highlights the successes but also candidly addresses the hurdles faced by educators and advocates in the gifted community.

  • Secrets of Success: Teacher Strategies on the Go

    Secrets of Success: Teacher Strategies on the Go

    This episode of They’ll Be Fine contains interviews with educators and professionals in the field of gifted education. In this episode, attendees at the 2024 NCAGT Conference share their experiences and effective teaching strategies for gifted children. From innovative classroom activities to insights on supporting gifted students, this episode highlights the passion and dedication of educators in nurturing the potential of gifted learners.