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“She’s smart and things come easy for her. Why would she need additional services? She’ll be fine!” Sound Familiar? Time and time again we hear “they’ll be fine, they’re smart, they’re already ahead of the game” when people refer to gifted learners. Because of this sad misconception, too many students fail to reach their potential because they do not receive appropriately challenging curriculum and services. The National As ...   ...  Leer más

Episodios del podcast

  • Different Thinkers: ADHD - Dr. Yael Rothman, Ph.D. and Dr. Katia Fredriksen, Ph.D.

    Different Thinkers: ADHD - Dr. Yael Rothman, Ph.D. and Dr. Katia Fredriksen, Ph.D.

    Join host Hannah Park as she engages in a captivating conversation with Dr. Katia Fredriksen, Ph.D., and Dr. Yael Rothman, Ph.D., pediatric neuropsychologists and authors of the insightful book, "Different Thinkers: ADHD." In this episode, explore the diverse world of ADHD, gaining practical advice for managing symptoms and understanding what it means to be a different thinker. The conversation unfolds with essential insights into ADHD diagnosis, the importance of understanding it, gender disparities, caregiver support, celebrating differences, and considerations about overdiagnosis. Discover actionable steps to empower children with ADHD, celebrate neurodiversity, and foster inclusivity. Don't miss this enriching dialogue that transcends diagnosis and encourages embracing unique perspectives. 🧠💬 #DifferentThinkersADHD #Neurodiversity #ADHDawareness SHOW NOTES: Link to book:  Their Instagrams: Dr. Katia Fredriksen, Ph.D. and Dr. Yael Rothman, Ph.D.   Handle: @neuropsychmomdocs  Email:

  • Diffy Q Metrics- Susan Mahlburg

    Diffy Q Metrics- Susan Mahlburg

    Diffy Q Metrics is a platform built for educators who want to collect data in an organized way so that they can better know their students and give them the learning opportunities they need and deserve. Today’s episode is with Susan Mahlburg and she is a wealth of knowledge! We discuss how DiffyQ can help teachers do what’s best for their students and effectively use data to drive instruction. DiffyQ is a title sponsor for the 2024 NCAGT conference and will be presenting as well. Make sure you have registered for this exciting event!

  • Conference Keynote Speaker - Kimberly Jones

    Conference Keynote Speaker - Kimberly Jones

    We were lucky enough to sit down with North Carolina’s 2023 Teacher of the Year, Kimberly Jones, and discuss several topics near and dear to her heart. We chatted about classroom culture, teacher and student mental health, empathy, and so much more! Kim also gave some insights into the TOY experience and advice she has for any possible future teachers of the year.

  • Best of the Pod: Reflecting on 2023

    Best of the Pod: Reflecting on 2023

    We had the privilege of interviewing so many brilliant and interesting humans this year on They’ll Be Fine and we want to look back on a few of our favorites. We’ve had the opportunity to learn from authors, entrepreneurs, professors, speech language pathologists, psychologists, and so many educational professionals who have opened our minds to captivating ideas in the world of gifted education. Today’s episode includes snippets from our conversations with Matt Zakreski, Stephanie Higgs, and Lisa Van Gemert. Join us as we look back on some highlights of our first full year of They’ll Be Fine!

  • Ask Away, Unpacking Your Questions - Alexia Rose and Hannah Park

    Ask Away, Unpacking Your Questions - Alexia Rose and Hannah Park

    In this episode, Alexia Rose and Hannah Park dive into a treasure trove of questions our incredible listeners submit, unraveling insightful answers and sharing valuable insights. Have a question that you would like us to feature? Email us at