Our Food Journey Podcast

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We feature conversations with people who are making a difference in how we create and think about food. From Midwestern farmers, to food entrepreneurs, and from Master Chefs, to parents preparing dinner for their families. We're all players in an interconnected food system and we all deserve a place at the table.

Episodios del podcast

  • EP:13 From Dishwasher to Executive Chef

    EP:13 From Dishwasher to Executive Chef

    Join us for a journey that begins with a small-town dishwasher, and ends with an executive chef managing the kitchens for some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world. Chef Victor Scargle tells us his story, touching on more than just his passion for food. In this episode, we explore the value of mentorship, the importance of a business skillset, and other rarely discussed topics that play a major role for those who succeed at the top level of the restaurant industry. If you're interested in how someone works their way up in the food world, what motivates an executive chef, and what it takes to run a fine restaurant, you're going to enjoy this conversation.

  • EP:12 Building a Personal Brand with Justin Gold

    EP:12 Building a Personal Brand with Justin Gold

    Curious about what it takes to take a food business from the farmers market to a national brand? This episode of Our Food Journey Podcasts takes a hike with Justin's founder Justin Gold in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado. We quiz him about his inspirations, aspirations and how he bounces back from adversity. “When you name your brand after yourself, you can never have a bad day,” says Justin Gold, founder of Justin’s. “You've got to bring your best day every day, which is inspiring and awesome and also exhausting.”

  • EP:11 A Visit to Hawaii's SPAM JAM®

    EP:11 A Visit to Hawaii's SPAM JAM®

    The SPAM JAM® festival takes place each spring on Kalakaua Avenue, a boutique-lined thoroughfare that runs parallel to the white sand beaches of Waikiki. The avenue’s shops offer a prince’s ransom of high-end goods and services, but on this weekend the scene changes. Sleek storefronts of European fashion houses give way to the smell of grilled onions and cooked pork.

  • EP:10 The Decision to Do What You Love

    EP:10 The Decision to Do What You Love

    Wilson Tang was working in the World Trade Center on 9-11. Like many survivors, those attacks lead him to reassess what he wanted to do with his life. Tired of sitting behind a computer screen, Tang devoted himself to the restaurant business -- taking over the famed Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Now he's innovating ways to introduce the brand into new venues.

  • EP:9 Cooking for Superstars

    EP:9 Cooking for Superstars

    On today's episode Chef Kenneth Temple talks about his hometown of New Orleans and the remarkable food traditions he grew up with. Chef Kenneth runs a personal dining business for sports and entertainment superstars. He has cooked for NFL and NBA players, celebrities, politicians, Grammy award-winning artists, and Hollywood movie producers. His company focuses on delicious food with Creole, Cajun, Southern, and Caribbean influence—it’s something that Kenneth calls “Southern Creole.” If you recognize HIS voice it might be from his 2017 appearance on Food Network’s popular cooking competition show “Chopped”—he was one of the show’s winners during the 2017 season.