Meet The Writer and Director of "Andrés" featuring Jazz Cooley

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In this episode, we're introducing Jazz Cooley the writer and director for his project "Andrés". Many of you who have been in our casting room may know Jazz from casting with HCandF. We're excited to get the chance to bring one of his projects to life! Tune in to get some insight into Jazz's experience as a filmmaker and learn about what inspired this message!

"Andrés” tells the story of a young immigrant’s experience in the US after having been separated from his father when crossing the border. A perspective that is often overlooked and ignored, “Andrés” confronts the audience with the very real pain that many endure due to familial separation. Inspired by films such as “A Better Life” and “Sin Nombre”, this tale is one of hardship, but more importantly, a story of hope and unity in the face of a deeply polarized socio-political climate." ... 

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