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  • Goatmilk #18 | QnA

    Goatmilk #18 | QnA

    A lot has changed! Here is a QnA.g

  • Goatmilk #17 - One Year of Goatmilk

    Goatmilk #17 - One Year of Goatmilk

    Thanks to everyone for the amazing journey so far. Here's to more episodes!

  • Goatmilk #16 - Likee Music

    Goatmilk #16 - Likee Music

    Hey everyone! This episode of Goatmilk is very special! This is the first time I have contacted someone that I didn't know to come on the show. Likee has been creating home-made music since 2018 and has been gaining attention ever since. This episode covers fan interactions, his inspiration for coming up with songs, and a special announcement at the end of the episode. Big thanks to Likee for coming on the show.

  • Goatmilk #15 - Alex Pham (Again)

    Goatmilk #15 - Alex Pham (Again)

    Doing a podcast episode with Alex is always a pleasure. This episode features in-depth conversations about life and everything around us.

  • Goatmilk #14 | How Does Social Media Affect Empathy? [Psych Project]

    Goatmilk #14 | How Does Social Media Affect Empathy? [Psych Project]

    Hey everyone! This episode is a little bit different because it is actually my psychology project! We were assigned to choose a technology and research its influence on a cognitive process. This was a really interesting experience for me and I hope you enjoy it!