Modern Slavery: Lauren Power from Food Empowerment; Dr. Natalia Szablewska Legal expert on Modern Slavery and Serrata Martin from the tea industry speak to Jodee Sydney about issues in the industries where modern slavery flourishes.

Eco Futures - Welcome to the New Generation of Planet Restoration: Join the Evolution por Michelle Michels

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Lauren Ornelas-

is the founder and the executive director of the Food Empowerment Project, a nonprofit food justice organization that spotlights the abuse of animals on farms, unfair working conditions for produce workers, and the unavailability of healthy foods in communities of color and low-income areas.Lauren has spent her entire life on the front lines fighting for human and animal rights. She went vegan and became an activist in the 80s, later she founded and ran the animal right’s organization

Dr Natalia Szablewska -

is a law expert at Auckland University of Technology. She is a Modern Slavery Law expert and Humanitarian advocate. Dr Szablewska said sometimes people may not even know they are a victim of Modern Slavery or wha ... 

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