Episode 47: CSP Research, Iframe Hopping, and Client-side Shenanigans

Critical Thinking - Bug Bounty Podcast por Justin Gardner (Rhynorater) & Joel Margolis (teknogeek)

Notas del episodio

Episode 47: In this episode of Critical Thinking - Bug Bounty Podcast, the holidays are fast approaching, and Justin and Joel discuss some of the struggles of getting back into the hacking groove during and after breaks. We also celebrate the newly launched Critical Thinking Discord Community before diving into Iframe Sandwhiches, JS Hoisting, CSP Bypasses, and a host of new tools, techniques, and tangents.

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We're new to this podcasting thing, so feel free to send us any feedback here: info@criticalthinkingpodcast.io

Shoutout to YTCracker for the awesome intro music!

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