What are Mitzvos (Commandments) for Gentiles?

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This lesson explains that G-d gave different commandments for different people. A G-dly commandment is not just a thing that should or should not be done. The commandment also includes whom it is that G-d wants that thing to be done by, or not done by. Without that detail, the commandment is incomplete. What's commanded to be done by some people may be forbidden to be done by another category of people. Or it might not be applicable to them at all.

G-d's plan for creation depends on each person doing the commandments that G-d has uniquely assigned for him or her. In that way, everyone helps to change the world from evil to goodness, and from spiritual darkness to spiritual light.

A nation has to have divisions of army, navy and air force with their own unique directives. But they also have to work together in disciplined coordination  ... 

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