Podcast Hosting For Churches

Interested in Starting a Podcast for Your Church but Don't Know Where to Start?

Our church and sermon Podcast Hosting Service allows religious and spiritual institutions, pastors, priests and worship leaders to start a podcast and publish new episodes simply and intuitively.

We automatically create and update your RSS podcast feed so listeners can easily subscribe. You’ll be able to submit your show to all the major podcast directories and get your podcast in front of millions of potential listeners.

Not only will your podcast’s RSS stream be available via the main podcast directories (e.g. Google Podcasts, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, etc.), but it will be also reachable as its own website, which will increase your discoverability and visibility in search engines like Google.

With cross-platform analytics, unlimited audio storage, episode scheduling, social media integration, and a free podcast website, RSS.com Podcasting is podcasting hosting you’ll love.



You’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.


Your listeners will be able to easily find, listen to, and share your episodes. 


We’ve partnered with Podcorn which makes finding sponsors easier than ever. 


Have an issue? Our dedicated team is here to  help you succeed! 


Ready for the podcast store on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and Google Podcasts.


With our hosting platform, you’ll get to focus on what matters … your audience!

Do you need help starting a podcast? Check out our complete guide to starting a podcast!

The #1 Way to Start a Podcast

With unlimited audio storage, real-time analytics, episode scheduling, social media integration, and more, RSS.com Podcasting is the hosting platform you'll love.

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