The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Launch and Grow Successful Startups. Ep 31- Tanul Mishra

The Zista Podcast by Zista Education

Episode notes

Welcome back to The Zista Podcast, where we dissect a variety of compelling topics. Today, we turn our focus to the mechanics of launching and growing successful startups. Our guest, Tanul Mishra, CEO of Afthonia Labs, brings her extensive experience to bear, offering insights that span multiple industries and the specialized world of fintech startups.In today's episode, you'll find a wealth of practical strategies and actionable insights, whether you're in the early stages of business idea validation, navigating the nuances between incubators and accelerators, or fine-tuning a pitch deck for diverse audiences. With questions that resonate across the entrepreneurial spectrum, this conversation aims to equip you with the understanding and tools that are often hard-won in the fast-paced worlds of startups and fundraising.Ab ... 

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