E01 - Episode 1: How Does This Thing Work

Since You Asked... (Your Runner Dad) by Matt Orlando

In this first episode, I discuss the 10 year journey it took to get to this podcast, where I have been and where we are going.

Nov 29 2022

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Okay. Welcome to the first yet not the first take, oh, the new. You're running dad podcasts. Right now it's strictly called since you asked where I give advice nobody asked for. But I pretend that you asked. So previously, the runner.com obviously, you've been getting notifications and emails now from your runner guide, and you're like, where did this come from? I decided to rebrand recently, when I finally decided to start doing the website, again, start doing the social media again. And I'll get into the whole story of where, what I've been doing and why I haven't been doing it. But the runner guy.com was more of a personal blog with other advice and information sprinkled in from guest posters and sponsored posts. Like that. But then I realized that I wanted to fo

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