Make Fresh Starts and Lasting Friendships with Alex Alexander

Your Hell Yes Life™ by Zya Be

Episode notes

Today we are covering 2 topics - following your inner yes to create a a fulfilling career or business and building deep friendships along the way.

Wishing you had deeper connections with friends, but feeling lost in the hustle of everyday life? Guest Alex Alexander, friendship expert, shares actionable, easy to use advice, as well as share her brave Hell yes decision that allowed her to create this new career.

From unraveling the intricacies of modern relationships to navigating the path from burnout to passion-fueled purpose, this episode is a treasure trove of inspiring insights and actionable wisdom. Get ready for a conversation that could change your life.

Alex Alexander alexalexander.com IG @itsalexalexander

Alex Alexander is a founder, sp ... 

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