Podcast episodes

  • Check your Intentions

    Check your Intentions

    In this episode we discussed Riyaa’. A form of shirk that we’re all familiar with, even if we don’t think are. It’s the idea of only doing good deeds (charitable acts, sadaqah, etc) when others are around to see it rather than for...

  • No New Friends

    No New Friends

    We’re all at a transitional stage in our lives. Some of us are still in school, but a lot of us have finished and gone on to start careers. Nobody realizes this, but it’s easy to make and keep friends in school. But it’s so much h...

  • Should you split the bill?

    Should you split the bill?

    As young Muslims, some of whom are already married, we all know what's expected of us in marriage from an Islamic perspective. But what about from a modern or personal perspective? Most households today are run on two incomes, som...

  • The Truth about Graduating College

    The Truth about Graduating College

    The majority of our team has finished college. Some of us have even gone on to complete graduate studies. This begs the question… what comes next? What’s different? What’s the same and where do we go from here? We had a lot of fun...

  • Sabr is a Virtue

    Sabr is a Virtue

    We often forget how big a role sabr (patience) should play in our lives. Our beloved Prophets are shining examples of how Allah rewards patience over anger. Let's hear how our team members balance these strong, but human emotions,...