Tech Trailblazing Latina CEO Shatters Stereotypes and Makes A Positive Impact

Women In STEM Podcast by Kelly Shungu

Episode notes

Welcome to Women In STEM, where we embark on an inspiring journey with Dr. Lauren Sanchez Gilbert, a formidable female Hispanic leader in the technology space. In this episode, we dive deep into her experiences, from overcoming challenges as a leader to her visionary approach to leveraging technology for youth development. Dr. Sanchez Gilbert shares insightful strategies for gaining recognition in a male-dominated industry and discusses how Arly, her platform, ensures technology's accessibility and benefit to diverse communities. We explore her advice for aspiring women in STEM, the delicate balance between innovation and stability, and the pivotal role of mentorship in her remarkable career. Join us for a riveting conversation that unveils not only the challenges but also the triumphs of a leader committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity  ... 

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