Wildcat Chat PAWdcast

by Matt Graham

This podcast is created and co-hosted by middle school students at Great Bridge Middle School. Topics are selected by the students which are meaningful to their middle school experience. Join in the fun as we discuss a day in the life of a GBMS Wildcat.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • CPS Teacher of the Year: Mr. Schneider

    CPS Teacher of the Year: Mr. Schneider

    Mr. Schneider is a 7th-grade English teacher at our school. This year he was selected as the GBMS Teacher of the Year and then he was later selected as the Chesapeake Public Schools Teacher of the Year! In this episode, students in the PAWdcast spoke with Mr. Schneider about what it's like being the CPS Teacher of the Year. These students that are in this segment are also in his current classes. As you listen, you will learn more about Mr. Schneider including his love of teaching, and chicken wings. Yes, chicken wings happen to be one of his favorite foods! Throughout the episode you can tell just why Mr. Schneider was selected as both the GBMS and CPS Teacher of the Year, We are very lucky to have Mr. Schneider as a teacher at GBMS. He has such a positive impact on all his students inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Ad"DRESS"ing the Dress Code

    Ad"DRESS"ing the Dress Code

    Hi listeners! In this episode, students and our principal, Mr. Craig Mills, discuss the dress code policy. They share their thoughts, current policies in place, and what is being done as we move forward for next school year. Students also round up the episode with some funny jokes in celebration of April Fool's Day.

  • The Military Child

    The Military Child

    April is Month of the Military Child, and we recently sat down with military-connected students in the PAWdcast Club and staff members who shared and reflected on what it’s like growing up as a military child. You will also hear all the events going on the week of April 25th as Great Bridge Middle celebrates our military students through a "Military Child Spirit Week!" Thank you to the students and staff that participated and to all the military-connected families! We salute you.

  • Music in Our School

    Music in Our School

    It's "Music in Our Schools Month" and all I can say is that music is thriving here at GBMS! We are so lucky to have such a highly talented and fun group of music educators. In this episode, students in the PAWdcast club, who also happen to be taking a music class, have a great discussion with all the teachers in the Music Department. We discussed their musical backgrounds, their interests, and they shared some of their personal experiences and stories. Not only did we get to know them a little better, but we were also able to see and hear why they are such a wonderful group that inspires students every day. We hope you enjoy this episode!

  • National Foreign Language Week

    National Foreign Language Week

    In this episode, we get a chance to hear from our Spanish teachers, Senora Palos and Senora Chavez about all the great events going on in our school during the week of March 6 to celebrate National Foreign Language Week! We also have some wonderful students with different cultural backgrounds discuss their cultures and share their experiences. This episode was so much fun and we all learned so much from each other. I can't wait for the next episode with this great group, because we were just getting started!