Russia's Dilemma in Belarus - Wikistrat Experts Weigh-in

Wikistrat Insider by Wikistrat

Episode notes

The current unrest in Belarus has the potential to escalate in ways that change the international political and security environment, bringing uncertainty to a wide variety of industries and institutions. The answers to the most pressing question—how will Russia respond to unrest on its borders—will help leaders and decision-makers mitigate risk and plan for the future. In addition, Russia’s future actions in Belarus as well as their current posture offers insights into the Kremlin’s strategic thinking and primary concerns.

To answer these pressing questions, Wikistrat talked with two leading experts in Russian foreign policy, Mr. Keir Giles and Dr. Mark Galeotti. The two shared their analysis of Russia’s future actions in Belarus and explained current Russian strategic thinking with Wikistrat’s CEO Oren Kesler.