E16 - Staying On Track with Lucas Thomas

Strive to FI by Hadaway Financial LLC
On this week’s episode of the Work Hard Retire Early Podcast, I got the opportunity to interview Lucas Thomas for the show. Lucas is a financial planner, a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, and the founder of RHM financial planning. He shares with us his experiences and failures in each field to help you make better decisions and avo  ...  See more
Apr 18 2022

Thank you very much for tuning into this episode of the Strive to Fi podcast.
As always, I'm your host Joseph Hadaway.
And today I am speaking with Lucas Thomas.
Lucas is a financial planner with a heavy focus on retiring early and the FIRE movement.
He is also the founder of RHM Financial Planning where he helps clients with just about everything
under the sun.
On your website, you know, he specifically lists stocks, crypto, real estate, entrepreneurship,
taxes, you name it.
So how are you doing today, Lucas?
I am doing fantastic.
Definitely good to hear.
I gave you a brief bio there.
What else can you tell us about yourself?
So basically, whenever I was in college, I never wanted to have a real job.
So then I became a copywriter.
Pretty much, I just read a book, how to become a copywrite

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