#37 - Distractions and Firecrackers

What if Humans Laid Eggs? by TACK

Episode notes

This week we are back to full strength to give you another dollop of WiHLE before our SCHEDULED summer break. But don’t worry too much, we have a very unique treat for you next week so do come back to see what it is. In this episode we jam our big ol’ heads together to plan how we might pull off a daring bank heist!

Who would be the gritty getaway driver?, who would be the mysterious man-on-the-inside? Who would be the slinky safecracker? And if you’re thinking we’re just going to rip off the plot to Ocean's Eleven then, well, you’re absolutely right… However, we decided to throw a few of our own clones into the mix to really complicate matters.

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