Watch With Jen - S2: E16 - Offbeat Tom Hanks with Robert Daniels

Published: Apr 21 2021

This week, we have back a wonderfully talented writer I enjoyed chatting with last year: Robert Daniels. A freelance film critic based in Chicago who holds an MA in English, Robert is the founder of 812FilmReviews and has written for, The Playlist, Polygon, Consequence of Sound, and more.

In this lively episode, we dissect 5 of the most offbeat characters that America's Dad - the incredible actor Tom Hanks - has embodied over the past 40 years. From the Safdie brothers' favorite Punchline to The Ladykillers, The Terminal, Cloud Atlas, and A Hologram for the King, we take a look at what Hanks brings to these unusual roles and evaluate the films themselves as well. Referencing some of our other favorites including The 'Burbs and Road to Perdition, we hope you'll enjoy this laugh-filled, rapid-fire conversation half as much as we did!

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