22 The role of inclusivity, intersectionality and justice in building a better world

Visions of a Better World by Global Visions

Episode notes

In this episode we return after a long break and introduce our new project planner. Max and Astrid discuss her international relations studies, growing up in Finland, the current problems of racism and how we need to purposefully take a more active approach in including marginalized voices when discussing the global problems we are facing. Max also revisits the story of Global Visions and his own background.

Other themes touched upon in this episode include challenging our own western notions and actively seeking solutions from those who have historically not been heard. Including everyone in the conversation means taking the time to actively seek the views of those who are underrepresented, only through inclusion can we begin the work of making the world a better place. This is a core value of our association and we want to be more inclusi ... 

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