Annie Brock - Leader Transition Institute - S3/E16 (95)

VET S.O.S. Podcast by Shawn Welsh, Keith Cassant, Eric Brew, Mark Elder

Episode notes

Annie Brock is President and CEO of the Leader Transition Institute. She is an Army veteran and Air Force spouse, and a teacher and coach of all things mindset, communication, and leadership.

Annie was one of the first 100 women assigned to the 82d Airborne Division, where she was a Battalion Legal clerk and earned her senior jump wings. She received a Direct Commission to the Medical Service Corps, went to flight school, and became a medevac helicopter pilot, flying Hueys and Blackhawks.

As a military spouse, Annie homeschooled two daughters during moves across the US and Europe. Along the way, she also grew herself and is a Founding Partner of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. Annie and her team launched LTI’s flagship philanthropic program, Changing Focus: Moving From We to Me, in 2018.