Blake Sudeck & Angel Lotti - Ding King - S3/E15 (94)

VET S.O.S. Podcast by Shawn Welsh, Keith Cassant, Eric Brew, Mark Elder

Episode notes

Blake is the VP at The Ding King Training Institute. Passionate about empowering others, he graduated from The University of Colorado Boulder in Communications and Entrepreneurship. Inspired by my father's legacy, Blake collaborated with him to expand The Ding King's reach. Dedicated to guiding students in automotive reconditioning, Blake continues to prioritize family and friends, enjoying sports and quality time. His mission is to help individuals find their path and uplift their families.

Angel has a military and law enforcement background, including four years as an Air Force firefighter and six years as a 911 dispatcher. Angel pursued a business degree while juggling real-life challenges. Now, with a passion for automobiles and helping his fellow veterans, he’s found his calling at The Ding King Training Institute. Having personally a ... 

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