Debunking Myths with Dr. Jeffrey Smith | Vaping Unplugged Podcast Episode 52

Vaping Unplugged Podcast by World Vapers Alliance

Episode notes

Welcome to a new episode of the "Vaping Unplugged" podcast, We're joined by Dr. Jeff Smith, a seasoned expert in psychology and neuroscience with focus on neuroplasticity and neuroactive metabolites.

Dr. Smith brings a wealth of knowledge from his academic and professional journey, including his BS and MS in Psychology from Georgia College and his Ph.D. from Emory University. His extensive research has explored the impacts of environmental changes and substances on the central nervous system. Currently, as a Senior Fellow at the R Street Institute, Dr. Smith specializes in THR policy, aiming to guide the development and regulation of new products within the industry.

In this episode, Dr. Smith will address common misconceptions about vaping, providing insights based on the latest research and his vast experience in the field. Whether  ... 

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