Stop. Don’t Buy an Airbnb or Vacation Rental in Summer 2023. Avoid Losing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

Vacation Rentals with John by Vacation Rental & Airbnb Coach

Episode notes

Unpopular opinion, however it needs to be shared.

(00:00) Introduction

(00:30) Reasons why you should not invest in a short term rental right now.

(02:14) Airbnb stock tanked. What does it mean?

(03:15) More unhappy hosts as airbnb platform prioritizes cheaper properties.

(06:00) If you are still going to buy what kind of rental to target.

(6:50) Exceptional homes are doing well

(08:53) Cash buyers with track records who understand competitive advantage can win

(10:45) Examples you can use as inspiration to differentiate your rental property

(15:45) Closing thoughts

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