Get started learning how to maintain your Airbnb in under 6 minutes. Maintenance for vacation rentals 101.

Vacation Rentals with John by Vacation Rental & Airbnb Coach

Episode notes

Tim and John share their vacation rental maintenance tips in under 6 minutes including:

  1. Air Conditioning and why changing your filters regularly is a must

  2. Clean the drains, buildup leads to backup stopping your AC and creating a guest problem

  3. Clear your drains (shower, sink, tub, you name it!) so they flow freely and do not become a renter complaint

  4. Batteries, including your remotes and smoke detectors. Doing this monthly prevents costly trip fees from your local service providers

  5. Television connectivity and making sure your TVs are working with wifi

  6. How outsourcing to a local service company can prevent expensive repair bills

  7. Check your smart devices routinely

  8. Fire extinguishers and first aid kits should be checked

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