Episode 10: Dr. Erik Langenau & Ms. Brooke Shultis, Online Faculty Development for Professional Health-Sciences Schools

Published: Jul 19 2020

In this episode, we are joined by two guests from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM): Dr. Langenau & Ms. Shultis. Dr. Erik Langenau is PCOM's Chief Academic Technology Officer and Director for Professional Development in Online Learning, and Ms. Brooke Shultis is the Assistant Director for the PCOM Department of Professional Development in Online Learning. At this year’s USDLA national conference, Dr. Langenau & Ms. Shultis will offer a presentation titled “Online Method to Introduce Classroom-based Faculty to 21 st Century Learning”. While professional schools of health sciences traditionally rely on face-to-face learning, classroom-based faculty have been increasing their adoption of online teaching and learning tools. In this podcast episode, Erik and Brooke discuss PCOM’s solution to bridging this unique training gap: a four-week, asynchronous, facilitated online faculty-development program called “Crash Course: Engaging Today’s Learner”. To participate in Dr. Langenau’s & Ms. Shultis’ USDLA presentation, please join us at this year's July 21 to 24 virtual national conference by registering at usdla.org.

In our next episode, we'll be joined by Ms. Tara Powers, a global thought leader on remote work and international best-selling author. Ms. Powers will preface their USDLA conference presentation by sharing a few soundbites about ways in which remote workers can collaborate, communicate, and connect.