Episode 2: Dr. Reggie Smith III, USDLA Overview

Published: Jul 05 2020

Dr. Reggie Smith III serves as CEO and executive director of the United States Distance Learning Association. In our initial USDLA Soundbites episode, Dr. Smith sets the stage for this first podcast series, by offering unique insights into the history and mission of the association and describing the broad constituency it serves. Dr. Smith also discusses the unique role the association plays in the distance-learning industry, offers an overview of the events and publications that the association offers, and mentions a variety of ways in which you can get involved with USDLA, beginning with attending our upcoming virtual conference. Subsequent episodes in this series will feature presenters from the USDLA 2020 virtual national conference.

In our next episode, we will be joined by Dr. Rhonda Blackburn, the current USDLA president, who will preface her conference presentation by sharing a few soundbites on how best to lead virtual teams.